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Unimaginable torment. Itching to death. Will you help working animals?

Working animals can easily pick up tiny mites, ticks and worms from pastures and stables, where parasites lay eggs. Indeed, it’s common for donkeys and horses to have them. And at low levels, some parasites can be relatively harmless. But, if they aren’t managed, or treated, certain parasites can cause all kinds of problems for working animals, from malnutrition to abandonment to death.

An injection or special paste is all that is needed to stop the pain caused by parasites.

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Working donkey in Tunisia receives treatment for scabies (also known as mange) in rural Tunisia
Hani was so distressed by extreme itchiness that she began biting herself to get relief from the pain

Hani’s story

Hani, a 12-year-old donkey, carries out laborious farm work in the intense heat in rural Tunisia.

Her owner, Mbarka, noticed that Hani was so distressed by extreme itchiness that she was biting herself to get relief from the pain. The blisters on her skin had developed into sores because she was frantically itching. Hani’s skin was getting more inflamed, and she was losing hair. Without treatment, the painful sores could get worse and become infected, especially if Hani continued to hurt herself.

Mbarka grew increasingly concerned. As Hani’s body fought to resist the infection, she was losing energy and growing weaker. Hani had lost her appetite because she was in so much pain, and she became so thin you could see her skeleton underneath her skin. Hani’s muscles had started to waste away and her life was in grave danger. Hani needed urgent treatment.

Thankfully, Mbarka heard about SPANA and brought his precious donkey to our mobile clinic. The team diagnosed her with scabies – a terrible condition caused by tiny mites burrowing into her skin.

Immediately, they sprayed her skin with an insecticide solution to kill the mites deep within the folds. This was followed by anti-parasitic medication to stop the infection coming back.

Afterwards, they disinfected Hani’s wounds and applied an ointment to soothe the terrible itching and inflammation. Hani was given some much-needed nutritious feed, and the vets advised Mbarka about the best diet for his donkey. Mbarka was also asked to disinfect Hani’s stable to kill the mites that caused her scabies. Hani needed a month of rest in order to regain her strength and a healthy body weight.

Mbarka thanked SPANA for taking care of Hani and told us how important his donkey is to him.

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