Thousands of sick and injured working animals in remote areas are suffering because they don’t have access to vital veterinary treatment. They urgently need your support.

In the heart of the world’s poorest communities, working animals suffer hardship on a daily basis. Donkeys, horses, mules, camels and elephants are used to pull carts, transport goods, deliver supplies and reach essential services. Without a working animal that is fit to work, a whole family may go hungry.

When they are sick or injured, it is impossible for these working animals to make the long, arduous journey to the nearest fixed veterinary centre, hundreds of miles away. Far from the nearest vet, minor ailments can quickly escalate into far more serious – and even fatal – illnesses.

Where there is no permanent veterinary centre nearby, SPANA’s mobile clinics bring free veterinary treatments and advice to owners across Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Each of our 37 mobile clinics travels around 2,400 km a year, often across difficult desert roads and remote mountain paths, treating around 10,000 sick or injured animals.

Please take a moment to watch this special video and read the report to learn more about the vital work that our mobile clinics, and dedicated veterinary staff, undertake on behalf of our kind supporters.

How SPANA helped Florian

Florian is a six-year-old donkey living in the Kasserine region of Tunisia. In his isolated village, miles from the nearest vet, Florian pulls a heavy cart full of construction materials and ploughs the fields for his owner Nizar.

Florian was suffering from deep cuts on his front legs, sadly caused by a misguided traditional practice used by owners to train their animals to stay close. The practice uses nylon rope or rusty wire to tie an animal’s legs together, causing painful wounds. Florian’s ‘hobble’ injuries were quickly becoming infected and his life was at risk. Florian needed urgent treatment but couldn’t travel to get it.

Thankfully, our mobile clinic made the long journey from the centre of Kasserine to the area where Florian lived. Our vets reached Florian in time – gently cleaned his cuts, applied antiseptic cream and dressed his wounds. Nizar was given a course of antibiotics to administer – to help prevent further infection. Our vets advised Nizar to let Florian rest while his injuries healed and provided soft, humane hobbles. 

Tragically, many animals like Florian are at risk of lameness. If they are unable to work, they could be abandoned to face a slow, painful death.

That’s why we urgently need your help to reach more working animals in distress by keeping our mobile clinics filled with fuel and medicines, and staffed by dedicated vets. Please support SPANA’s vital work today. 

Thank you

Your generous donations will be used for projects such as those featured in this appeal and where they are required the most to help animals in need. We would be so grateful for whatever you can give to this vital mobile clinics appeal. Thank you.

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