One Off

could provide one week of nutritious food for a donkey.


could buy a set of sterile bandages for an injured animal.


could buy reading materials for a school class that teaches them how to respect and care for animals.


Could help us respond quickly in an emergency or fund a project that makes a lasting difference to the lives of working animals.



Donkey pulling a heavy load

A donation to our general funds is a wonderful way to help working animals and their owners around the world.

It means we can use your generous gift wherever it will have the greatest impact.

If you’d prefer to make a gift to treat painful parasites, end harnessing agony, or help tackle the huge animal welfare problem in Tanzania, please choose your appeal below.

Donate to fight parasites and relieve suffering

Thumbnail image of donkey suffering with parasites

Parasites can be agonising and potentially deadly for working animals. The only hope is receiving lifesaving treatments from our vets. Donate now.

Donate to the poor harnessing appeal

Thumbnail image of donkey carrying yellow water containers

Working animals around the world are having their jobs made even more difficult by poor harnessing. Bad materials cause excruciating pain for donkeys and horses, pain that could be avoided with your help. Donate now.

Donate to the Tanzania appeal

Thumbnail image of Tanzania vet training with donkey

We’re training the next generation of animal health workers in Tanzania, allowing us to reach even more vulnerable animals in need of our help. Donate now.

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