Donkey rescued by SPANA in village of Imi N’Isli in the Atlas Mountains south of Marrakesh, Morocco, devastated by the earthquake. The donkey was stuck in rubble for six days with no food or water.
Your generosity made our immediate rescue efforts in Morocco possible, following the devastating earthquake last year.

We are delighted to share with you your special annual edition of Stablemate, highlighting just some of our achievements from the past year.

Last year marked the start of an important new journey for the working animals of the world, with the launch of SPANA’s new five-year organisational strategy. Our strategy explains how, with your support, we will continue to develop our work to make a sustainable and lasting improvement to working animal welfare – and, ultimately, create a world in which every working animal lives a healthy and valued life.

Our goal to help more working animals than ever before was at the heart of our Centenary Appeal, which launched as SPANA celebrated its 100th birthday in October 2023. By supporting our appeal, you can help ensure the treatment and care of working animals through pioneering new projects and activities.

Last September, I travelled to Morocco to support our rescue effort in the wake of the devastating earthquake, which virtually wiped out a number of villages in the High Atlas Mountains. Thankfully, our local SPANA teams rapidly mobilised to save, treat and feed many of the injured and displaced working animals.

One of the issues we’ve frequently seen in Morocco is the impact of harness wounds on the heroic horses and donkeys helping with the rescue operations. Wounds caused by ill-fitting and badly made harnesses are one of the most common conditions SPANA treats worldwide. In Stablemate, learn how a kind gift from you today could help improve the day-to-day lives of thousands of working animals.

We also need your continued support to save working animals from the deadly consequences of accidentally eating plastic. In many countries where we work, starving animals are scouring the streets for food and are ingesting plastic waste. As you’ll read on page six, plastic ingestion can be fatal if the material gets lodged in an animal’s stomach. Find out how you can make a lifesaving difference.

Sadly, life for working animals is more precarious than ever, and the need for SPANA’s work has never been greater. If you can, please consider making a gift today so that we can transform the lives of working animals in this time of exceptional need.

Thank you so much.

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With warmest wishes,

Linda Edwards
Chief Executive

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