Horse lying down receives lifesaving surgery from SPANA vets
A road accident left working horse Bahira fighting for her life. She was badly wounded and suffering when she was rushed to our centre.

Bahira’s story

Bahira helps her owner, Rachid, earn a modest income transporting goods in Morocco. Six days a week, the hardworking horse navigates her cart through bustling, uneven streets that are densely packed with traffic.

Rachid and Bahira were on their way home one evening when another cart travelling at high speed collided with Bahira, badly wounding her leg.

Shocked, distressed, and in severe pain, Bahira limped to the side of the road, blood pooling around her feet from the deep gash across her thigh. Rachid feared the worst, believing his horse had broken her leg. Bahira was losing blood and needed help fast.

Thanks to a kind onlooker with a truck, Bahira was rushed to SPANA’s Marrakech centre. Our team immediately staunched the flow of blood and gave the poor horse a thorough examination. Luckily, Bahira escaped without any bone damage, but due to the size and severity of the wound, the vets needed to operate immediately.

Without surgery, Bahira’s wound would not have been able to heal properly, and the long and painful process could have led to chronic damage, or worse – an agonising death.

When the surgery was complete, Bahira was put on a course of antibiotics and painkillers to soothe her discomfort. After two weeks of observation and attentive aftercare at our stables, Bahira’s stitches were removed and she was ready to go home.

Rachid was deeply grateful for the vet team’s intervention and said: ‘Bahira is important to my family, it scared me to see her so badly injured after the accident. I am relieved that the vets could help. Without them, I could have lost her.’

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Working horse recovering in stable after receiving lifesaving surgery on injured leg
After life-saving surgery, Bahira spent two weeks receiving aftercare and recovering in a SPANA stable.

Unfortunately, Bahira is just one of the many working animals who require an essential, and sometimes lifesaving, operation. Whether they are enduring agonising and life-changing injuries as a result of an accident or animal attack, or facing problems like colic, tumours or congenital issues; without the necessary surgery, these animals are sentenced to a short life of pain and suffering.

We must ensure that SPANA’s dedicated vets have the medicines, surgical tools and specialist equipment they need – so there will always be hope for animals like Bahira to live a life free of pain and suffering. In most instances, we are these vulnerable animals’ only chance of receiving surgical treatment.

But we can’t do this without you.

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Making a lasting difference

Thanks to you, SPANA can be there for working animals when they need us most. Whether they are in desperate need of a lifesaving operation or vaccination against deadly disease, your ongoing support makes everything we do possible. Sadly, the challenges that lie ahead for working animals are only growing. At this crucial time, we are incredibly grateful for your continued dedication towards easing the suffering of working animals.

Setting up a regular gift today is one way that you can make sustainable improvements to their health and happiness in the long term. A regular donation can help us to reach more animals, and fulfil the constant need for essential feed or lifesaving surgery.

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