Sigit’s Story

For carriage horses like Sigit, pictured to the right, working life in hot, humid and hectic Jakarta is unimaginably tough. For up to 16 hours a day, 10-year-old Sigit pulls a heavy cart for his owner Farel. As he works, the nails in Sigit’s makeshift shoes cut into him. The ill-fitted shoes leave his feet exposed to the impact of the bumpy Jakartan roads. Without proper shoes and farriery care, Sigit’s feet aren’t protected at all. Every step he takes is agony – his feet are killing him.

Sigit is in unbearable agony from lameness. We need your support to stop working animals like him suffering needlessly from this debilitating condition.

There are at least 500 working horses in the Indonesian city of Jakarta and 2,000 on the island of Java. They are used predominantly for transport, pulling heavy taxis or carts piled high with building materials. Like Sigit, most have shoes that don’t fit their hooves properly – and an estimated one in three suffers from agonising lameness.

Sadly, many of Indonesia’s working horses develop crippling lameness simply because they don’t have proper care for their feet. But that means their suffering can be prevented – with your support.

Imagine the agony Sigit must feel when his shoes are hammered into the sensitive parts of his feet with masonry nails. Nails that aren’t cut, but are bent over, left to stick out to cause unthinkable damage. Or when his feet aren’t trimmed properly and he grows excessively long toes and sore heels, developing painful bruises, corns and abscesses. Suffering and disorientated, Sigit is more likely to trip over, which is incredibly dangerous when you’re working all day on busy roads.

Poor farriery practices like these have grave consequences for working animals. Eventually, the pain they cause will stop Sigit in his tracks.

Will you save working animals like Sigit from this misery?

How SPANA helped Sigit

When Sigit arrived at our Jakarta mobile clinic, his hooves were in an awful condition. He needed urgent, expert attention. SPANA vets treated Sigit‘s lameness with a much-needed course of painkillers and anti-inflammatories. They removed his inadequate shoes and corrected his imbalanced feet. Then they fitted new remedial shoes to protect Sigit when he works on hard ground all day.

Next, they advised Farel about proper hoof care and safe levels of loading, to help prevent future injury and to delay the onset of arthritis. Our vets also recommended that Sigit rest for one or two weeks and advised Farel to reduce his workload.

Sigit was one of the lucky ones. Thousands of horses suffering from crippling lameness still desperately need your help.

Lameness is one of the biggest problems facing working animals today. In the first eight months of 2019, our vets treated over 11,500 cases around the world. Your continued support will help us tackle lameness through proper hoof care and good farriery.

As well as treating horses for lameness and fitting their new shoes, our Jakarta mobile clinic vets educate owners. We explain hoof care and run courses to train new farriers, which will prevent future suffering and lead to sustainable change.

We can’t do this without you.

Please support our appeal today to help treat more working animals experiencing painful lameness.

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