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Office fundraising challenges are a great way to raise money for a good cause while spending some quality time with your colleagues. It’s also a fantastic excuse to break up the work week so read on for some fun and easy ways to get your office in on the act!

  1. Lunch and learn
    Invite colleagues to bring their own lunch and sit in on an informative lunchtime talk. Ask everyone for a small donation to attend and invite interesting speakers from your network or from within the office to talk about an issue close to their heart and stimulate your mind on your lunch break! Pecha Kucha style presentations are a great way to keep the energy up in the room.
  2. Office Eurovision pool
    Cringe along with the rest of the UK by tuning in to Europe’s favourite song contest while doing your bit for a good cause. Pick a country and put down your bet ahead of the big night then come together with your co-workers to root for your entry. You could even put together some snacks for the evening and ask for a small donations for people who partake.
  3. Competitive karaoke
    Break out the mics and belt out the tunes for a good cause. Have the office compete in teams or as individuals and rate performances to determine which one of your colleagues can cover the best version of their favourite ‘80s power ballad!
  4. Hold an interdepartmental sports day
    Test your colleague’s physical endurance with a day of sports. Get your departments to compete in tug-of-war, volleyball, egg and spoon race with all entrance proceeds going to charity.
    Bond with your colleagues while getting some exercise and a welcome break from the desk!
  5. Office bring-a-dish
    Sell tickets to an office bring-a-dish and take a break from the regular supermarket sandwich grind. Pick a theme or ask people to make an old family recipe and bring the office together for a relaxed lunch. Participants can even auction off recipes after the meal.
  6. Baby photo challenge
    getimage-4 You see your colleagues five days a week but do you think you could match them to their baby photos? Run a baby photo game in the office and sell tickets to enter. Whoever matches the most photos wins a prize.
  7. Office pub quiz night
  8. Nothing helps bring coworkers together like a little bit of friendly competition at the pub. Charge and entry fee to participate, split in to several teams, grab a drink, and find out who in your office has the best command of general knowledge!

  9. Raffle a day off of work
    Nothing motivates people to act on behalf of a good cause quite like the promise of a day off from work. Sell raffle tickets for the chance to win and watch your colleagues jump at the opportunity for an extra day of annual leave.
  10. getimage-5Jumble sale
    Have colleagues bring their old clothes, books, home décor, etc to work for a jumble sale. You can charge for admission or ask that a percentage of participant’s proceeds go to a good cause.
    Either way you get a cleaner house and a chance to pass along possessions to a good home.
  11. Ask for a matching gift
    Many companies offer matching gift programmes which instantly double your fundraising efforts. Find out if your company is registered to match donations to make your events go even further.

Food-lovers can read our food-related fundraising ideas: 13 charity fundraising ideas for people who love food.

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