Two donkeys carrying heavy loads

Paul O'GradyTV star Paul O’Grady lends his support to SPANA’s International Working Animal Day on June 15th. The day is an opportunity to celebrate the important role that working animals play in the lives of millions of people all over the world. Paul said:

“It breaks my heart to see how hard horses, donkeys, mules and camels have to work around the world, pulling carts and carrying heavy loads. Despite how important they are, many will lead short, painful lives. Hardly any receive even basic vet care when they’re sick or injured, as it’s often not available and their owners simply can’t afford it. They deserve better.

“That’s why I support SPANA, the charity that gets free lifesaving vet care to working animals. Today I’m asking you to join me in backing SPANA’s International Working Animal Day. We need governments and aid organisations around the world to recognise the massive contribution of working animals and to make sure they get the treatment, care and compassion they deserve.”

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