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Every day all over the world, SPANA works in communities to provide expert care to working animals and their owners who could never afford the vet treatment their animals desperately need. In our stables we provide medicine, food and shelter to working animals – donkeys and horses like Walid – and the opportunity to sponsor them to our supporters.

Hard-working Walid, a plough-horse in Jordan, tils the dusty soil of his owner’s farm every day in the blazing heat. He regularly makes the arduous trip to the local market with the family to sell the vegetables harvested on their small plot of land. So when his owner noticed that Walid’s eye was getting sore and irritated after being scratched by a branch, he didn’t waste a minute in bringing him to our Wadi Al-Seer stable for help.

Bgetimage-3ut the help wouldn’t have been forthcoming – Walid wouldn’t have had his wounds quickly treated and disinfected – had it not been for the generosity of our Stable Sponsors, who sponsor stables where horses just like Walid, not to mention thousands of working animals, get the opportunity to rest and recover.

And recover he did. Walid needed a whole ten days to recuperate; a rare opportunity for him to heal away from gruelling labour and exhausting heat.

Did you know that we have 14 stables like these all over the world to help animals just like Walid? Thousands of horses, donkeys, mules and camels are brought through these centres of recovery and education every year and leave rested and healthy.

These stables are a haven of care for working animals like Walid; here they find nutritious food, plenty of clean water, and our expert care to support their recovery. A recovery that Walid was well on his way to making in just a few days.

One of the things that we love most about our work here at SPANA is the opportunity to give passionate animal lovers the chance to make a real difference to the lives of working animals across the world.

From Ethiopia to Botswana our centres give shelter and the very best care to sick and injured horses, mules, donkeys, and camels that so desperately need help. Owners trust us for our work in their communities and know that we have their animal’s best interests in mind when they bring them to our stables.Become a Stable Sponsor

If you’re interested in horse sponsorship, rather than sponsoring just one horse, why not considering becoming a SPANA Stable Sponsor? It’s just £6 a month, and by becoming a sponsor, your kind gift would help us deliver even more life-saving care to horses and working horses, donkeys and animals all over the world.

If you’re interested in helping when a horse like Walid needs care, find out more about becoming a Stable Sponsor.

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