The best vegan sweets for Christmas

Which sweets are vegan?

Christmas is all about spending time with loved ones, spoiling yourself and indulging in a few treats along the way. But, it can sometimes be a challenge catering for a vegan diet during the festive period. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to come up with an ultimate list of 100 per cent vegan friendly sweets. From gummy sweets to biscuits, we’ve got you covered!

It might come as a surprise as to how many well-known delicious and classic sweet brands are vegan friendly. Better yet, they are nearly all available to buy at major UK supermarkets, so once you’ve added them to your Christmas goodie list, picking them up should be a breeze.

Flying Saucers

These colourful characters filled with sherbet goodness are sure to give your taste buds a bout of nostalgia. Vegan versions are best available to buy at Sainsbury’s where natural food colourings have been utilised to complete their distinctive look.

Love hearts

What better way to spread the vegan Christmas love this year. Love Hearts were first produced in the UK during the fifties, donning slightly more serious messages like “Honour your parents” compared with their modern day relatives. Corny messages of love have become synonymous with these bright coloured fizzy treats.


Up until recently there was no vegan friendly way to “taste the rainbow”, but since Wrigley’s removed the non-vegan E120 ingredient from the recipe they are now fully vegan approved. Rumour has it that if you leave a Skittle in a bowl of water the trademark ‘S’ will mysteriously disappear. Something to try this Christmas?


‘Opal Fruits’ as they were first introduced to Britain in 1960, originally came in four flavours: strawberry, lemon, orange and lime. These soft treats now come in an array of different flavours, and are a vegan friendly product in the UK! Please be aware that their vegan status is not guaranteed outside of the UK and shoppers should check for foreign non-vegan US imports. These non-vegan imports have a white label on the back, which should be checked before purchase.

SPANA luxury orange and lemon fruit jellies

Made with real orange and lemon fruit juices, these sweet treats are jam-packed with flavour. Made with natural colours by artisans in Calabria, Southern Italy they are the perfect all natural jelly sweet with a vegan twist. Better yet, the packaging that the jellies come in are biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.

Sour Rainbow Strips

The use of gelatine and beeswax glaze in a large number of Haribo’s assortment of products render them unsuitable for vegetarian and vegan diets. Sour Rainbow Strips are not just delicious, fizzy and colourful, but also 100% vegan!


These treats are straight from the playground tuck shop but are still just as enjoyable and addictive. Chewy in the centre with a hard outer shell, millions are made with real fruit juice, no artificial colourings and best of all are totally vegan friendly.

Rainbow drops

A similar size and shape to millions, Rainbow Drops are very different in taste and texture. Somewhere between cereal and mini popcorn, the puffed maize and corn treats come in almost every colour of the rainbow. They are one of the oldest sweets on our ultimate list, having been first produced before the second world war.

ASDA Fruit Pastilles

Possibly one of the most iconic jelly sweets on the market, we sadly couldn’t include the original version in this list thanks to the inclusion of gelatine in the recipe. But fear not, a quick trip down to ASDA will serve your Christmas cravings for these fruity, and now vegan friendly delights. They are just as chewy and tasty as the originals!

Jelly Tots

Staying on the theme of jelly sweets, these tots might also just hit the spot. Not a million miles from Fruit Pastilles in terms of texture and flavour, the original Rowntree’s version are completely vegan approved.

Sherbet Fountain

Another treat straight out of the school tuck shop. The Sherbet Fountain was first created in 1925, which makes it the oldest vegan sweet appearing on our list. The sweet itself is simply a mix of sherbet combined with a liquorice stick, which should be used as a utensil for eating the fizzy sherbet inside.

SPANA Dark Chocolate and Raspberry chocolate squares

This chocolate delight is not just tasty and vegan friendly, but also 100% palm oil free. Made with real chunks of raspberry and handmade dark chocolate, it makes for an enchanting combination and balance of flavours.

Still looking for more vegan sweets?

If none of the sweets above take your fancy this Christmas, we can help. Our new range of Christmas sweets has even more vegan options than before, including ‘Divine’ chocolate thins.

All online shop profits go to supporting our vital work treating sick and injured working animals around the world.

Merry Christmas.

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