SPANA in Jordan

• One veterinary centre • Two mobile clinics • 25,000 animals treated each year • One education centre


In Jordan many working animals live in rural areas ploughing fields and transporting goods.

SPANA's two mobile clinics travel to villages every day, covering thousands of kilometers every year. Animals in need of more specialised care or hospitalisation are brought to our centre.

SPANA’s education centre hosts a series of Animal Clubs which help children understand the important role animals play in our lives.

A tricky rescue in Jordan

SPANA's chief executive Jeremy Hulme recounts how our vets managed to save a donkey that had spent more than a day in a freezing cold stream, with a little help from a couple of nearby working animals

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Getting a baby camel back on its feet

Our Jordan team go the extra mile to support this baby camel through his recovery

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Keeping Jordan’s ‘tractors’ healthy

Many of Jordan’s rural communities are too poor to buy tractors to plough and harvest their crops. Instead, they rely on real horsepower, just as their ancestors have done for thousands of years. As a result, our vets treat a lot of working animals with injuries caused by working out in the fields.

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Hands-on animal welfare education in Jordan

Video: Hands-on animal welfare education in Jordan

In Jordan, the Ministry of Education gave us a bit of land in Amman, the capital city, which we’ve turned into a unique education centre.

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Animal welfare class

Video: Education in Jordan

This nine year old little boy came from one of the UN-run schools for Palestinian refugees in the Amman district

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Teaching the next generation

SPANA looks to the future to ensure animal welfare is paramount in the minds of future animal owners.

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