SPANA in Mali

• One veterinary centre • One mobile clinic • 25,000 animals treated each year • 7,500 children benefitted from animal welfare lessons


SPANA has been working in Mali since 1996, making a huge difference to the lives of thousands of working animals.

We work out of a dedicated centre in Bamako, Mali’s capital city.  Here we provide free veterinary care for thousands of working animals every year. 

We have mobile clinics that travel to isolated communities that depend on SPANA for their animals' wellbeing, our para-vets travel to places such as Timbuktu and further out into remote locations.

Last year our Country Director trained 113 teachers to give animal welfare lessons, using books and other informative materials produced by SPANA. Children were so desperate to take part in the lessons that they many of them shared books. Over 7,500 children took part in the lessons.

Recent political unrest

Since 1996, SPANA has worked in Mali, one of Africa’s poorest countries. From the rubbish dumps of Bamako, where countless donkeys work in terrible conditions, to the edge of the Sahara, SPANA helps over 25,000 animals every year.

Mali can be a challenging country in which to work. But in recent months the worsening security situation has created further difficulties. In the north, al-Qaeda attacks and an uprising by Tuareg militia have made our work increasingly difficult.

Further south, our work in and around the capital, Bamako, has so far continued as normal. However news of the military coup in recent days are clearly troubling. For the time being our work continues largely unaffected, but we continue to monitor the rapidly-changing security situation. We will update supporters should this situation change.

Refugee camp in Mbera

Video: Mali, Mauritania and the refugees in Mbera

SPANA’s chief executive Jeremy Hulme talks about the situation in Mali and the impact it has had on the Mauritanian refugee camp in Mbera.

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Kadi collapsing in Mali

Kadi, a rubbish dump donkey

Exhausted and starving, animals working on Mali’s rubbish dumps resort to eating plastic bags, cardboard and rusting metal. My name is Jeremy Hulme and I’m the chief executive of SPANA. I’ve witnessed the suffering of animals in many countries, but Mali’s rubbish dumps are nothing short of a living hell. Please help them today.

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Animal Welfare: Life in the dump

The rubbish dumps at Lafiabougou and Doumazana in Bamako, Mali’s capital city, are always busy.

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This rescued horse has a new valuable role

Video: Riding for the disabled

Riding for the disabled in Bamako, Mali

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Sand horse welfare in Mali

Mali sand horse welfare

Sand from the River Niger is perfect building material.  However, the only means locals have to transport this heavy cargo is horses.

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