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Mauritania is one of the poorest countries in West Africa and its landscape is mostly desert. This is hard on working animals, which have to carry heavy loads for hours in the intense heat and choking dust.

SPANA’s centre in Mauritania opened in 2001 and the huge demand for our services ever since shows just how much it was desperately needed.

You can read about some of the animal welfare cases we treat such as Ali the donkey, or the probelms they face in our article wounds, water and welfare.

Refugee camp in Mbera

Video: Mali, Mauritania and the refugees in Mbera

SPANA’s chief executive Jeremy Hulme talks about the situation in Mali and the impact it has had on the Mauritanian refugee camp in Mbera.

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Project Water Trough 2012

Under a blazing desert sun, donkeys work to deliver water to the people of Nouakchott - but not enough animals are getting a drink… until now

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Farriery in Mauritania

It’s amazing the way some people ignore their animals – I suppose it happens here in the UK as well.

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Education is key to animal welfare

Video: Water cart donkeys

Why do working animals suffer? Education is key to animal welfare.

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Wounds, water and welfare in Africa. This donkey is ready to work.

Wounds, water and welfare in Africa

There are many reasons a working animal can suffer. Poor fitting harnessing and equipment can cause terrible wounds as this case demonstrates. Is this cruelty and what can SPANA do?

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Donkey tales: Animal welfare stories from Mauritania, Ali the donkey

Mauritania in west Africa is one of the poorest countries in the world and many of the people living there rely on animals to do the jobs of trucks, tractors and taxis.

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