A horse looks out from his stable in SPANA's Morocco centre

You can help make a massive difference to the lives of working animals – whether it is supporting our core work with a significant donation or funding an entirely new project.

Some donors and charitable trusts support our core work. This is vital to enable SPANA to continue providing over 200,000 treatments to sick and injured animals each year and essential animal welfare education for owners and children. SPANA’s work helps both working animals and the people who depend on them: their owners, families and often whole communities.
Some donors and charitable trusts prefer to support entire projects or component parts. These donations are crucial to get pilot projects off the ground, expand existing projects and conduct innovative research, particularly where grants are contingent on matched funding.

Two projects that we are urgently seeking funding for are:

A community training workshop in Ethiopia

Community Training

Community Training is an innovative scheme that allows SPANA to work with local community members as organised groups. Through these groups, local animal welfare issues are identified, strategies to solve these problems developed, and community groups are equipped to take group action to improve animal welfare. SPANA are currently creating Community Training schemes in Mali, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia – helping poor communities to treat issues such as small wounds, poor quality feed and lameness, so these problems can be tackled even when professional veterinary care is not immediately available. Community Training teaches new skills, keeps animals healthy and is sustainable.

Interactive Education Bus

In Tunisia, many rural families own working animals A boy visits an education bus run by SPANAand SPANA are working hard to instil a sense of empathy into schoolchildren, the working animal owners of the future. Using a renovated bus, we plan to travel to local schools, providing students with fun, interactive animal welfare education lessons which teach that animals should be treated with respect and compassion. In turn, their animals will go on to live healthier and more productive lives, providing them with a better standard of living.

To learn more about how you can improve the lives of working animals, and the families that depend on them, please contact Caroline Francis on 020 7269 2686 or carolinefrancis@spana.org.

We will ensure you are provided with updates and regular reports to keep you informed on the progress of your project, and we are happy to answer any questions that you may have.