Horse standing next to woman sitting
Horse standing next to woman sitting

Write Your Will For Free

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SPANA has teamed up with trusted partner Bequeathed to offer a simple and convenient way for you to write your Will online, using their free ‘Will For Good’ scheme.

If you wish, you can leave a gift to SPANA when you make your Will with Bequeathed. This will help ensure your love for working animals lives on. More than half of everything we do for working animals is only made possible because kind people left a gift to SPANA in their Will.

Make your free Will For Good

How it works 

You’ll need to answer some questions online to gather all the information to make your Will. It takes around 20 minutes and the Bequeathed team is online to help. You’ll be given clear guidance every step of the way and online legal advice tailored to your circumstances. This will be in the form of recommendations, and sometimes requirements, from Bequeathed’s in-house Solicitor.

You can then book a free 30 minute legal appointment with an accredited legal firm to discuss any of these in more detail. Or, as long as a free basic Will is suitable for your circumstances, you can choose to have the Will delivered straight to your inbox.

There is never any charge for a standard Will, which is suitable for most people. However, if your circumstances are complex and you require further legal advice, the legal firm will explain what’s needed and give you a quote to consider.

However you choose to complete it, you’ll receive your Will along a Letter of Advice summarising everything you’ve been told and instructions on signing and witnessing your Will correctly.

There is no obligation for you to include a gift to SPANA in your Will. Howeverwe hope that you will consider this after your loved ones have been provided for. We promise you that your legacy will be spent wisely to make the world a kinder place for working animals.  


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