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Horse standing next to woman sitting

Write your Will for free

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Having an up to date Will ensures that, as far as possible, your final wishes are respected and will make sure the people and causes you care about are looked after. It could also help your loved ones avoid any difficult decisions and legal complications.

With this in mind, SPANA have teamed up with a trusted partner called Bequeathed. They can help you to write or update your Will for free.

If you live in England and Wales or Northern Ireland, you have the option of making a free Will online.

With Bequeathed, you can make a start at a time that suits you and in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Take the online interview to help you work out what you need from your Will.
  1. Get detailed guidance and support at every stage.
  1. Once the process is complete, the system will generate your Will. Then, all you have to do is download it and follow the instructions so that you can have it witnessed.
  1. It is important to pause to consider any tricky issues and Bequeathed will help you identify any matters where expert legal advice could be valuable. If you decide that you may need legal advice, then Bequeathed can put you in touch with one of their accredited firms of solicitors. A solicitor can then advise you further by telephone or arrange to meet you in person. Before you do this, you would need to agree a fee. The great thing is that the solicitor will have access to the information you have already provided online so you will have to pay for less of their time.

Please note: Bequeathed is not currently suitable for people living in Scotland where the laws relating to Wills are different to those in England & Wales and Northern Ireland. However, there are plans to extend the service to cover Scotland by the end of 2020.

Start your Will

There is no obligation for you to include a gift to SPANA in your Will to use this free Will writing offer. The choice is entirely yours. Of course, we appreciate that making a Will is a personal matter and family and friends come first. But we would incredibly grateful if you could consider leaving a gift to us whatever the size. We promise you that your legacy would be spent wisely to make the world a kinder place for working animals.