Assalam, his children and his camel Goloo

Goloo the camel is a huge source of support to his struggling family. Every day Goloo and his owner, Assalam, work long hours together at the local brick kiln to make just enough to support Assalam’s family. So when Goloo became listless, Assalam knew he needed to find help for his animal quickly.

In the baking heat of Rajasthan’s brick kilns, life is difficult for humans and animals alike. Hundreds of men and women travel to these sites as seasonal workers, building temporary housing next to the kilns. These workers use their camels to carry the bricks back and forth from the ovens and to load the trucks that will carry the bricks on to sale.

The brick kilns, Rajasthan

For Assalam and Goloo, who have spent the past 15 years working long days, the work is gruelling. Assalam depends on the five dollars a day he earns doing this back-breaking labour to support his seven children and wife.

Assalam had noticed that his usually docile Goloo was looking depressed. The camel’s eyes were dull and watery and he had stopped eating. Assalam was worried for his faithful camel and knew time was running out as his animal became weaker and weaker.

Goloo the camel is examined by a SPANA vet

Assalam rushed Goloo to one of SPANA’s mobile clinics. Our vets gave him a full examination and diagnosed a serious case of internal parasites which had left the camel exhausted and malnourished. Further exacerbating his illness, Goloo was battling an uncomfortable eye ulcer at the same time.

Without treatment, this type of wound to the surface of the eye can become infected and cause serious damage to the animal’s sight. The vets gave Goloo a dewormer to treat the parasites. They also showed Assalam how to administer daily eye drops to sooth Goloo’s irritated eye.

Assalam was relieved to be given such a simple solution to ease Goloo’s distress and was also incredibly grateful for the veterinary help.

He praised SPANA’s work, saying:

They are doing great work. They provide medicine and advice and have helped my other camel before when he had an infected tail.

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