Owner with brown donkey

Life can be extremely hard for working animals, as they are often under immense physical strain from the work they do. Momo, the six-year-old overloaded donkey, is no exception, spending up to nine hours resizedeach day pulling a heavy cart full of construction materials for his owner Nasralli in Kasserine, Tunisia.

Sadly, his cart was not secured properly, and the heavy loaded cart pulled by Momo had slipped forward causing severe and painful wounds on his back and hind leg.

Fortunately, Nasralli is familiar with SPANA’s work and took Momo to the charity’s centre in Kasserine. When he arrived at the centre, SPANA’s vets disinfected the wounds and gave Momo antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication.resized-2

Momo’s wounds will take around a month to properly heal, and SPANA staff advised Nasralli to rest his donkey for at least 25 days once he returns home.

Nasralli was very thankful to SPANA for all the help they have given to him over the years saying:

This is not the first time I have brought my donkey to SPANA and I always keep an eye out for the regular visits from SPANA to the souk.

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