SPANA water trough refilling carriage pulled by two horses

In Marrakech, Morocco, temperatures in the summer regularly exceed 40°C. In the sweltering heat, it’s essential that thirsty working animals can easily access water.

To keep working animals hydrated, SPANA has its own horse-drawn water cart, driven by Abdeljail Loudini, delivering a lifesaving supply of cool, fresh water throughout the city. With his team of trusty horses – Rabeh, Marbouh and Massaoud – Abdeljail visits SPANA’s eight water troughs in the city to refill them every day. _0148376The troughs were built by SPANA in 2008, thanks to our supporters, to address the dangerous lack of water available for animals working under the boiling sun.

The horses have plenty of rest and water during their deliveries, and only two horses are used at a time to ensure that they have several days off each week. Abdeljail maintains the troughs and carries out repairs where needed.

Holding around a ton of water each, they are a lifeline for Marrakech’s working animals.

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