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Our team in Marrakech recently gave a very warm welcome to SPANA supporters Alex Bell, Colleen Lucas and Barry Batham.

When animal lover and SPANA supporter Linda Cameron-Bell told us that she had kindly included a gift to SPANA in her will, she explained why:

“In some places in the world, it seems people don’t matter and life is cheap, so what chance for the animals on whom they depend?  I so admire the work SPANA do on my behalf because I want to ease their suffering but cannot do it myself. I will continue to support SPANA during my lifetime and beyond, through a legacy in my Will.  It is a modest amount but I could not overlook your fantastic work.” 

Her words seemed to sum up the motivation of so many SPANA supporters – her compassion for suffering animals and her wish for SPANA to be the “feet on the ground” treating the animals in need where she herself couldn’t go.

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Last year, sadly Linda passed away. Linda’s husband Alex made a donation to SPANA’s work in her memory and a plaque to Linda was added to our memorial wall in SPANA’s Marrakech centre. One year later, Alex visited the centre to see for himself the work that had meant so much to his wife. Having watched our vets treating the daily outpatients, Alex said “Linda would have been thrilled to know that her legacy is making a difference on behalf of the animals that she dearly loved”. 

Legacies like Linda’s are given with love and spent with care and dedication. If you feel that you are able to include a gift to SPANA in your Will, your gift – whatever its size – would always be needed and appreciated, however far in the future it may arrive. If you’ve already included SPANA in your will, we’d love to hear from you as it gives us a chance to say a special “thank you”.

To request a copy of our free legacies guide or to find out more, please do contact Penny or Caroline in our friendly legacy team on 020 7831 3999 or email [email protected]


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