Our Work

SPANA is an animal welfare charity for the working animals of the world. Animals are essential to millions of families in the developing world. We improve the lives of working animals through, free veterinary care, education & training and emergency response.

Free veterinary care

SPANA funds a vital network of veterinary centres and mobile clinics around the world that provide free veterinary care to working animals.

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Outreach and emergency programme

The aim of our outreach and emergency programme is to reach the communities that depend on working animals

SPANA has responded to save donkeys, horses and livestock caught up in natural disasters and conflicts all over the world. Our emergency teams are ready to get life-saving help to animals wherever and whenever disaster strikes.

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Animal welfare education & training

SPANA organises animal welfare training and animal welfare education lessons for the welfare of animals

SPANA firmly believes the key to creating a better future for working animals is by educating children.

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Where we work

Our work takes us to the world’s poorest communities, where people would struggle to provide for their families without their animals. At present we have permanent clinics in seven countries as well as outreach and emergency programmes across the world.

  • Afghanistan

    Afghanistan - Outreach

    SPANA is continuing a programme started with Health Prom to fund SaddleAid in their design and…

  • Botswana

    Botswana - Outreach

    SPANA is supporting the Maun Animal Welfare Society (MAWS), a charity which improves the lives…

  • Ethiopia


    Ethiopia is a country with over 2.5 million horses that struggles with both poverty and severe…

  • Ghana

    Ghana - Outreach

    SPANA is working with partner organisation Donyaepa

  • India

    India - Outreach

    SPANA have funded a vehicle

  • Jordan


    In Jordan many working animals live in rural areas ploughing fields and transporting goods.

  • Kenya

    Kenya - Outreach

    Northern Kenya is an isolated and undeveloped region where many communities are reliant on…

  • Malawi

    Malawi - Outreach

    In Malawi, 100,000 donkeys, horses and other animals have been badly affected by devastating…

  • Mali


    SPANA has been working in Mali since 1996, making a huge difference to the lives of thousands…

  • Mauritania


    Mauritania is one of the poorest countries in West Africa and its landscape is mostly desert.…

  • Mongolia

    Mongolia - Outreach

    SPANA previously worked in Mongolia to reduce the impact of a weather phenomenon known as the…

  • Morocco


    SPANA has been working in Morocco since 1925. We do more for working animals here than…

  • Romania

    Romania - Outreach

    The Romanian Children’s Humanitarian Foundation (RCHF) is currently supported by SPANA in a…

  • South Africa
    South Africa

    South Africa - Outreach

    SPANA is working with partner organisation the PEACE Foundation Trust

  • Tunisia


    SPANA has been working in Tunisia since 1925 and our three veterinary centres and three mobile…

  • Zimbabwe


    As the economic situation in Zimbabwe deteriorated, poorer rural communities became…

Permanent programmes around the world

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