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This gift can help provide a vulnerable working animal with the feed, bedding and care they need to recover from sickness and injury.

Your special gift pack will include:

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When Aziza the donkey arrived at our Siliana centre in Tunisia, she was suffering from severe lameness. The poor donkey visibly limped and was clearly in significant discomfort whenever she tried to extend her leg. Her owner, Hamza, explained that a reversing truck had clipped her on their way home, injuring her left shoulder and front left leg. Upon seeing Aziza, the vet team thoroughly examined her and gave her a dose of anti-inflammatories. They also applied an ice pack which gave her immediate relief and helped reduce the swelling. Even though the team ruled out any fractures or bone injuries, they carried out an ultrasound to further assess the trauma to her soft tissues. Thankfully, the injury had not caused any permanent damage, but Aziza would need to have her condition closely monitored. Aziza was discharged from the stables the following week, and, after a few follow-up appointments, she made a full recovery.

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