Christmas Stockings Gift


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This gift can provide bandages and wound dressings to help animals like Zine get back on their feet.

Your special gift pack will include:

Gift certificate
Certificate holder/ card
Gift envelope
FREE donkey bookmark

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New-born foal, Zine, was struggling to stand and nurse due to a knee deformity. The foal was unable to move and was in constant pain as the swelling around his knees worsened. It became clear to his owner Hassan that Zine’s condition would not improve without expert intervention. Luckily, Hassan’s neighbour told him about SPANA, and he decided to travel to our centre in Marrakech, Morocco. The vet team closely examined Zine before applying a splint and bandages to both legs for a two-week period. Once the splint was removed, Zine’s knees were reassessed and after careful consideration, the decision to operate was made. The surgery was successful and, with some aftercare, Zine was finally able to walk properly.

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