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This gift can provide everything our specialist mobile clinics need to reach vulnerable working animals for half a day.

Your special gift pack will include:

Gift certificate
Certificate holder/ card
Gift envelope
FREE SPANA coaster

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Six days a week, Lina the carthorse helps her owner, Khali, transport goods around Douz, a desert town in southern Tunisia. Khali was extremely concerned when Lina became weak and lethargic, growing slower each day. She eventually started to lose weight and was coughing frequently. Knowing that Lina needed help, Khali set out to meet SPANA’s mobile clinic, desperately hoping it was still operating despite the steady fuel cost rises in Tunisia.

To his relief, the vets were on hand and after examining her they quickly reached a diagnosis. Lina was suffering with internal parasites, which live in the intestines and were depriving her of vital nutrition and energy. Lina was given an anti-parasite injection as well as nourishing feed and dietary supplements to help rebuild her strength. Thanks to our mobile clinic, Lina soon made a full recovery and is now protected from debilitating parasites.

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