Rapid Response and Rescue Gift


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This gift can help fund SPANA’s emergency projects, ensuring the working animals of the world are not forgotten in times of crisis.

Your special gift pack will include:
Gift certificate
Certificate holder/ card
Gift envelope
FREE donkey bookmark

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When disaster strikes, working animals are often on the front line. Whether they are faced with extreme weather, economic crises, conflict, or a global pandemic, our teams are committed to ensuring working animals receive expert care.

Thanks to you, we are able to fund emergency programmes like our disaster risk reduction project in Odisha, a state in India. Odisha is one of the world’s most volatile climate hotspots, where extreme weather conditions and natural disasters like tropical cyclones, floods and drought regularly occur. This makes life incredibly difficult for working animals, as well as the communities that depend on them. Working alongside trusted local partners, we continue to save tens of thousands of working animals that are suffering under the extreme conditions. We have also been working closely with local communities to reduce animal suffering and casualties before disasters hit, establishing mass vaccinations, food storage and animal evacuation routes.

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