Rapid Response and Rescue Gift


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This gift can provide working animals with a lifeline through our emergency projects – offering them hope for a brighter future.

Your special gift pack will include:
Gift certificate
Certificate holder/ card
Gift envelope
FREE SPANA centenary fridge magnet

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In the countries where we work, animals and their owners face many challenges. Issues like environmental disasters caused by climate change, paired with the global cost-of-living crisis, have made life incredibly hard. In these turbulent times, we must protect working animals from the immediate dangers they face, while safeguarding their future in a rapidly changing world.

Countries across East Africa, such as Ethiopia, are experiencing the worst drought in more than four decades. As a result, many animal owners are struggling to feed and care for their working donkeys, horses and mules.

With your help, we can increase our emergency response capacity, enabling us to provide more support to working animals during crisis situations. We can also equip and empower communities with knowledge, expertise and services dedicated to making sustainable improvements to animal welfare in the long term. By ensuring every working animal is healthy and valued, they can live happier lives and be better protected through times of great difficulty.

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