A Perfect Fit Gift


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This gift can provide a comfortable new headcollar for a working horse like Boy-Boy.

Your special gift pack will include:
Gift certificate
Certificate holder/ card
Gift envelope
FREE donkey bookmark

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This mild-mannered horse named Boy-Boy was found by our mobile clinic staff in Maun, Botswana. Locals informed the team that Boy-Boy had been stolen from his owner at night, before being ridden to the point of exhaustion and then abandoned miles from home. Our vet technicians first removed Boy-Boy’s frayed rope halter to calm him. They then examined the shaken horse, who was weak and emaciated due to the extreme drought conditions. The team fed Boy-Boy small, gradual amounts of water and nutritious feed while he rested, and administered a multi-vitamin injection to build his strength. Thankfully, the SPANA team were able to locate the horse’s worried owner, who was overjoyed by Boy-Boy’s return. They provided him with a brand-new headcollar to replace his uncomfortable rope.

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