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This gift can help us restock our clinics with essential medication and relieve working animals like Tint Mhwe-Mhwe from pain and suffering.

Your special gift pack will include:

Gift certificate
Certificate holder / card
Gift envelope
FREE donkey bookmark

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37-year-old elephant, Tint Mhwe-Mhwe, helps her owner, or ‘Oozie’, pull teak logs through the jungles of Myanmar during logging season. The elephant was suffering with abdominal pains, causing her to visibly bloat and struggle to walk. The Oozie suspected his elephant was pregnant, but that didn’t explain her poor appetite and listless attitude. Deeply worried about Tint Mhwe-Mhwe and her potential unborn calf, he quickly sought out SPANA’s help. Upon examination with a sonogram, the vets discovered she was pregnant and due in a few months. They also found a large blockage of fresh grass in her intestine. The weak mother stood patiently as the team administered painkillers and set to work removing the blockage until it was completely cleared. To help boost her digestive system, over the next week she was given vitamin injections, natural laxatives and put on a soft diet until normal movements were seen

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