A donkey is brought to a rural clinic in ZImbabwe

Knuckles the donkey was brought to SPANA’s Zimbabwe clinic weak, exhausted and unable to walk. Read on to find out how SPANA Zimbabwe came to the rescue.

Like many working donkeys in Zimbabwe, five-year-old Knuckles is a lifeline for his family, walking for miles to carry food and water for his owners. In rural communities throughout the country, donkeys are the silent powerhouses that fuel local economies.

In the last few days, Knuckles had started getting weak, lying down frequently in total exhaustion. By the time Knuckles was brought to the SPANA mobile clinic in the back of a cart he was too weak to support his emaciated body. He had been suffering from a parasitic infection and diarrhoea and as a result was severely dehydrated.

Knuckles is treated by Erick Mutizhe in Zimbabwe

SPANA Zimbabwe vet Dr Erick knew that if he didn’t act fast to treat this donkey, the animal wouldn’t survive. Over several days, Dr Erick stayed at the mobile clinic to administer IV fluids and anti-inflammatories to Knuckles while she rested. Dr Erick Mutizhe tested Knuckles for parasites using his mobile microscope and administered a deworming medication to treat the root cause of the little donkey’s illness.

While Knuckles rested, Dr Erick took the opportunity to speak to Knuckle’s worried owners who weren’t aware that the donkey had been fighting this parasitic infection for months. Dr Erick explained what to look for in future and how to feed Knuckles a nutrient-rich diet to help return him to full health.

Knuckles was one of the lucky ones, brought to our vets just in time. Within days the resilient donkey was back on his feet and returning home to recover. Thanks to SPANA Zimbabwe’s hard work and your regular support thousands more donkeys just like Knuckles can be treated every year.

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2 comments on “Knuckles the donkey gets a new lease on life

  1. sheila mcintyre on

    as a lover of animals particularly horses and donkeys I am so pleased that your organisation is around to advise owners on how to look after them. i am a pensioner on the state pension but i will try to give you a donation when i can.

  2. Sylvia Anna on

    All the above stories all made me profoundly weep with relief for the suffering animals who found help. I am so grateful to have been given the chance to read them. It makes me pround of being able to contibute a monthly standing order to help the work of SPANA.

    However, more than that, I am so, so very pround of each and every one of you and the work that you are all doing and, additinally, the way that you are educating the owners for the future. Trust me, you are all earning an excellent Karma!

    Thank you for sharing the stories.

    Much Love, my greatest respect, and best wishes to you all!


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