Two Mauritanian donkeys
Two Mauritanian donkeys

Success stories

Vet examining Karim

Healing Mary the cart donkey’s wounds

Find out about SPANA's work in Zimbabwe to help cart donkeys like Mary.

Two camels are leaded

A nasty camel bite for Wissem

After receiving a painful camel bite, Wissem was treated at SPANA's mobile clinic in Douz, Tunisia.

putting papis on the road to recovery

Putting Papis on the road to recovery

Discover how SPANA helped injured donkey Papis in Mauritania.

Treating donkeys wounds

Healing Hana’s donkey harness wounds

Donkey harnesses can cause nasty wounds when they are badly fitted or use poor materials. Read how SPANA vets healed Hana's harness wounds in Zimbabwe.

Donkey being fed hay by man in blue overalls

Curing colic in donkeys – Maggie’s colic

Maggie the donkey was brought to our centre in Chemaia to be treated by SPANA vets - read her story.

White mule being treated by two vets

Chaimae the abandoned mule

Read Chaimae's story - an abandoned mule saved by SPANA.

a woman with a donkey

A true survivor – working donkeys

Najia the donkey was brought to our centre in Chemaia, Morocco to be treated by SPANA vets - find out why.

Together for donkey’s years

Read about the treatment SPANA provided to Marwa the donkey in Morocco.

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