Man in Mali with his constipated donkey

When Jacob noticed that his donkey Drissa wasn’t his usual, lively self, he took him to get checked out at SPANA’s veterinary centre in Bamako, Mali.  Drissa supports Jacob and his family by pulling a cart that carries construction materials around the busy city, helping him to earn a small income.
SPANA's vet team steps in to diagnose Drissa's problem.

SPANA’s vet team got straight to work assessing Drissa to find out what was wrong. They discovered that he was suffering from colic, caused by an impaction in his large intestine. To relieve the problem, the team gave Drissa oral lubricants and fluid Drissa the donkey and owner Jacob are very content after Drissa's treatment at the SPANA clinictherapy to help rehydrate him and clear the blockage. Soon Drissa was feeling much better and Jacob was extremely grateful to the SPANA Mali team for their help.

He said: “My donkey is very precious to me and my family. I’m so happy that he’s healthy again. Thank you for all you do for animals like mine.”

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