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Because of money raised by the Vet Charity Challenge, our vet team in Tunisia are able to keep their much-needed mobile clinic running. The clinic allows them to reach thousands of sick and injured working animals every year, including seven year-old donkey Raif.

The Vet Charity Challenge is an annual one-day fundraising event for the veterinary sector that raises money for animal charities. Over the last four years, proceeds of over £35,000 have been kindly donated to SPANA.

le-proprietaire-est-heureux-avec-lintervention-de-spana-2Raif, who works carrying goods, suffered wounds on the side of his mouth caused by an old bit. Sadly his owner Barhoumi Mohamed – like many owners in Tunisia – struggles to afford new equipment for his animal.

Our vets cleaned Raif’s wound with antiseptic ointment and advised his owner that it will take around 10 days to heal properly. They also provided Raif with a new, safer bit.

Barhoumi was very grateful for SPANA’s help saying:

Thank you SPANA for helping me take care of Raif. I will always make sure to bring him to the clinic when he has any problems.

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