Salha the mule after treatment

Salha was only seven-months-old when her worried owner Tabj brought her along to the SPANA Chemaia centre in Morocco for urgent treatment.

Tabj had walked 23 kilometres from his home so that he could find the best possible veterinary care for his mule foal, and it was so important that he did. Salha had a large bulge under her abdomen, and had her owner not sought treatment, it could have been life threatening.

On arrival, the first thing the SPANA veterinary team did was to fully investigate the cause of the bulge and the condition of poor Salha. They determined that she was suffering from an umbilical hernia, caused when the muscles around the naval don’t properly come together after birth.

SPANA vets carried out an ultrasound on Salha, to investigate the bulge under her abdomen, which helped inform the best course of action. Unfortunately, the only way to treat the little mule involved a relatively major operation, called a herniorrhaphy, to repair the muscle defect. This was carried out under general anaesthetic.

Thankfully, the surgery was a complete success, and after three week’s recovery at the SPANA centre, and supportive care from our veterinary team, Salha was fully recovered.

When she was returned to her grateful owner, he said;

Thank you for having treated my mule. I was told by my neighbours that hernias can be a fatal situation for any animal and SPANA vets confirmed this. May God bless you. Without your help, I would have lost Salha.

The ultrasound machine used to diagnose Salha’s condition, and all the veterinary care provided was directly funded by kind SPANA supporters like you, and we’re extremely grateful for your support.

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6 comments on “Saving Salha the mule foal

  1. Polli on

    I am so thankful that SPANA has the skilled staff to save the lives of animals like Salha, who will be so necessary to the welfare of her owners. Wonderful work.

  2. Peter&Valerie Mason on

    Thank you for the hard work you do for the animals,all year round. have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Please is it possible for you to help a elephant called Nosey who gives rides to visitors he seems as if he is given up .Peta is trying to get him to a sanctory for the rest of he’s days. I do hope you can help .

    Love Pete & Val

  3. Christine Wells on

    Thank you so much – this little baby would certainly have died without your help – good to know that the donations are helping you do such things


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