A SPANA Ethiopia vet treats a wound

SPANA operates a network of fixed and mobile clinics, providing hundreds of thousands of free veterinary treatments each year. Our resources are finite, yet the need is overwhelming, so we also focus on developing the skills and capacity of veterinary professionals and partner organisations, helping more animals in need through the provision of training, funding and advice.

SPANA funds training for hundreds of veterinary professionals, farriers, technicians and students right across its core countries and beyond. By raising the standards of private and government vets, and by giving them experience of treating working animals, SPANA can reach many more animals than we ever could through direct treatment alone.

SPANA also focuses on research to ensure the information is available to advise fully future policies and decisions. Working in partnership with educational bodies and individuals, this allows us to find vital evidence-based solutions to the problems faced by working animals, giving us the biggest possible impact on their lives.

Veterinary graduates from the UK and other countries also take part in our Veterinary Graduate Programme, working voluntarily with SPANA in Morocco to gain valuable clinical experience, while also sharing their skills with our local teams. All local student vets in Morocco must also spend time training at one of SPANA’s centres.

Working together with veterinary professionals, policymakers and researchers worldwide helps extend and improve the care available to sick and injured working animals. Together we’re taking groundbreaking steps towards a future where all animals are treated with respect, care and compassion.

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Our key veterinary resources are available on our Veterinary Learning Portal.

SPANA vet volunteer cleans a horse's harness wound


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SPANA vet looks into microscope


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Donkeys carry heavy loads of wood


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