In the remote parts of India where thousands of camels work, there is no shade from the intense heat and little chance to rest during the long working day.

There is also very limited access to crucial veterinary services.

If a camel becomes ill or injured, there are few places for owners to take their animals. This means that, when an animal does need lifesaving help, they very rarely receive it.

We’re working with a local organisation, Help in Suffering, to change this and end the suffering of working camels in India.

With your support, we can help even more working animals around the world as part of our vital outreach work.

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One Off

Could go towards our vital outreach work to help reach even more working animals in need


Could pay towards stocking the mobile clinics with medicine and essential veterinary equipment to help treat sick and injured camels


Could pay for reflectors which are attached to carts to protect camels from road traffic accidents at night when they are particularly vulnerable to collisions