The working animals of Siliana, a rural farming town in northern Tunisia, have no access to veterinary care. If they become sick or injured, their pain goes untreated and their suffering goes unheard.
Our vets were there for Musa, a donkey they treated when they visited a rural village in Tunisia. Musa was fortunate to work close to one of our existing veterinary centres. But for every Musa, there’s another donkey working through their pain.

Your support today means we can start building a new veterinary centre.

A Tunisia vet treats Musa at a mobile clinic

This building will be a lifeline for the hardworking animals of Siliana. The new veterinary centre will provide much needed care and attention for animals whose suffering will go untreated without us, and whose communities would struggle without their animals.

Your gift will help renovate the building, buy lifesaving equipment and stock the medicine that will save thousands of vulnerable animals.

Please will you make a kind donation today to help more working animals like Musa?

Every donation will go towards building a new veterinary centre in Tunisia until we reach the amount of £90,692.80. If we are unable to raise the necessary funds of £90,692.80, we will have to allocate funds from our core projects. However, if we exceed this target, the surplus donations will go to where it is required the most to help animals in need.

One Off

Could pay towards building a stable at the new centre, so working animals can recover


Could pay towards surgical equipment that will be used in lifesaving operations


Could pay for the medicines to help treat the painful wounds of 10 donkeys like Musa