Donkeys wait to be treated by SPANA staff

Working animals are vital to communities in Zimbabwe. Many families depend on their animals for their livelihoods. But in Zimbabwe, veterinary treatment is hard to find.

That’s why SPANA vets, Dr Erick Mutizhe and Dr Andy Garura, travel up to 500km a day in their mobile clinic to provide working animals with the lifesaving treatment they so desperately need.

But our work doesn’t stop there. We also train local people about welfare in order to equip them with the skills they need to look after their animals better and avoid preventable injuries and illnesses.

Our community programmes in Zimbabwe include encouraging people to use reflective collars on their donkeys to prevent road traffic accidents like the one that fatally injured Maita, devastating his owner.

We’d had him for over 15 years. He was part of our family. We are heartbroken.

From educating owners to carry out regular worming, to teaching them to fit harnesses correctly to prevent painful harness wounds, SPANA focusses on helping owners look after their animals to ensure a better life not only for the animals, but also their communities.

We believe that no working animals should suffer. But we can only help prevent suffering thanks to kind donations from people like you.

Please will you give today to help working animals lead a better life?

One Off

Could help restock our mobile clinics with essential medical supplies, such as syringes, bandages and sterile gloves, so our vets can help more working animals in remote communities.


Could pay for fuel and maintenance costs for the mobile clinic for two days, allowing us to reach more working animals in need.


Could pay for reflective collars for five donkeys in Zimbabwe, to help prevent working animals being injured in road traffic accidents.


Could pay for vital worming treatment for a donkey in Zimbabwe.