The New Year is now well on its way, and your resolve to commit to a healthier or stress-free lifestyle may have weakened. Making it to the gym might have become a challenge, but the good news is, exercise is not the only solution.

Read on to find out why knitting could bring substantial health benefits to your life, without you having to break a sweat!

  1. Knitting is an excellent remedy against anxiety, stress and depression
    Did you know that WW1 soldiers who suffered post dramatic stress disorder were taught how to knit as part of their journey to recovery? The rhythmic and continuous movements of knitting appear to ease stress and in so doing, help to lower heart rate and blood pressure. What’s not to love!
  2. It helps to prevent arthritis and tendonitis
    Doctors suggest that making the cartilage in our hands stronger, to avoid future wear or damage to our bones, is pivotal to our physical well being.Knitting is the perfect preventative method; better even than typing on a computer, as it is more laborious without being too extreme. (In any case, it’s easier than downward dog…)
  3. Knitting is a great way to channel creativity
    You may not possess the same flair for art as Picasso, but with the step by step guidance provided, anyone can learn to knit, and knit well! Thinking about patterns and colours will stimulate your artistic side, which you can then go on to share with your loved ones by giving them custom made gifts!
  4.  It can help you expand your social circle
    Ever heard of arts and crafts meet ups? Well they’re a pretty common phenomenon these days. During a typical session, you’ll talk to people from all walks of life and help each other progress with your pieces. A little encouragement can go a long way, and learning from the experience of others will add to your own. Win, win!
  5. It will contribute towards improving animal welfare
    By taking part in SPANA’s Big Knit for Vet Kit campaign, you can use our free knitting patterns to make a donkey, horse, ox or elephant, all to help us treat more hardworking animals in need.
    You can ask friends and family to sponsor you, sell your creations, or send them to us and we’ll send them to our education projects overseas to teach children about the importance of animal welfare.
    So as well as being good for both your mental and physical health, if you knit for SPANA, you’ll also be making a huge difference to working animals and the conditions that they have to endure.
    If you’re eager to get your needles out and get started, download or request your free Big Knit for Vet Kit pack today.

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