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In poor communities around the world, people depend on their animals; for work, for transport, for life. SPANA is one of the only charities which treats all kinds of working animals.

Oxen are vital to many families. In rural Ethiopia, pairs of oxen can be seen throughout the countryside ploughing the fields ready for planting.

resizedThe produce grown will provide essential food for the local population and an income for the farmer and his family.

When compared with horses, oxen are able to pull heavier loads and also pull for longer periods of time.

That’s why they’re often used for transporting heavy loads, such as this pair in Zimbabwe who are waiting patiently for their load!

For the pastoralist comgetimage-2munities of East Africa, their herds of livestock are essential for survival. During times of drought, parents struggle to put food and water in the mouths of their children, leaving little or nothing to spare for the animals.

Thanks to your support, SPANA provides feeding programmes for livestock during times of emergency to help avoid famine.

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