A girl pours a tea out of a lemon teapot during SPANA's World Tea Party.

So you’ve decided to host a fundraising kids’ tea party, that’s great! You’re giving a helping hand to animals who really need you while enjoying a special day with friends, family, sun, and cakes at the same time. Hosting a children’s tea party can be a fantastic day to remember for children of all ages providing an excuse for delicious treats, artistic crafts and silly games. Read on to pick up some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your party while raising funds for a good cause!

Deciding on a theme

Donkey in tanzania looking inquisitiveTea-parties with a theme can be great fun setting a focus for costumes, treats, crafts and games. Use your imagination – the theme can be a traditional one such as princesses, fairy tales, Victorian, a mad hatter tea party, or more personalised, such children’s favourite movie or TV show, a country, a colour, a letter of the alphabet – the options are endless! Why not really get into the spirit by having a working animals theme? This could include donkeys, horses, camels, and elephants.

Date for the diary  

Red circle over an important date in the calendar.Usually, hosting a party on the weekend is the best time for parents and children. Afternoons are customary for tea parties but morning ones can also work, depending on the guests’ schedules. Try to avoid school holiday times as many people might not be able to attend.



Choose how many guests you’ll be comfortable hosting as well as the venue, and think about how you will let guests know. Traditional card invitations are a more formal way of getting people excited about the event. These could be hand-made and in the theme of the party, including images of teapots, teabags and teacups. Let SPANA know your plans on Facebook, Twitter or email so we can spread the word about your great work, and give you any support you need.

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Let your guests know if they need to dress up and make sure you tell people why you’re doing the event to encourage them to support you. To fundraise, it could be easier to charge one entry fee and have the food, tea and games for free. Alternatively, for a larger event you can charge for these separately.

Party Shopping Spree

As it’s in the name, tea choice is an important part of any good party. tea. Offer a variety of tea allowing your guests to experiment with new flavours. For younger guests caffeine-free tea is ideal but for older guests you can offer teas like rooibos, vanilla, herbal, fruit or flower, green, flavoured black, or good quality plain tea.

wooden box of colourful teabags for SPANA's World Tea PartyConsider if you want to give party bags to your guests to take home. If so, you can fill these with  small toys, teabags, and sweets – a great souvenir from a lovely day!



Little FlourishesSPANA tea party sweets pastries

Tablecloths are an important part of any tea party. Consider colourful napkins, plates and place-cards as well as teapots, teacups, and cake-stands. No party is complete without great music. Compile a playlist of songs that your guests will enjoy.

Fun and Games

Games can be age specific and there is a wealth of ideas for party games, but tea-themed games are always a good bet! Some examples include:Overhead view of children doing crafts and painting eggs

  • Pass the teacup
  • Teabag fishing
  • Tea-related word games
  • Teacup Treasure Hunt• Tea-related pictionary
  • Hot tea cup – like hot potato (although the heat is imaginary!)
  • Pin the Lid on the Tea Pot
  • Tea pot relay race
  • Sugar cube stack
  • Guess the tea flavour
  • A raffle with tea-related prizes


Tea party snacks are essential. Include sandwiches, savoury snacks, cookies, cakes and cupcakes. Home-baked cakes make it extra special.

SPANA tea party tablecloth, cups and a cake stand. delicious cupcakes with swirly icing on a plate

Time for tea!

For very young guests, avoid hot liquids and introduce them to a refreshing cup of iced tea. Simply make a normal pot of tea, steeping the teabags for five minutes before adding sugar and lemon to taste. chamomile tea in a glass teacup. Then pour in to a pitcher and leave in the fridge to chill for two to three hours. Make sure older children are supervised with hot liquids as they might need help with pouring.



Collect up all the money that was raised from your party and get in touch with SPANA – we’ll help you find the easiest way to donate it to our projects that help make lives better for tens of thousands of working animals around the world. Find more decorations and ideas from our annual World Tea Party day, including hosting a British tea party.

Pound coins stacked up after the collection for the tea party.

For more fundraising ideas, read our 10 charity fundraising ideas for work. Food-lovers can read our 13 charity fundraising ideas for people who love food.

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