Brown horse with SPANA vet
Brown horse with SPANA vet


The Best Christmas Jokes Of All Time

Celebrate with some of the best Christmas jokes of all time, from funny Santa jokes to elf jokes and other cheesy, silly Christmas puns and...

donkey walking and carrying a large load

Help working animals while you shop

Shopping with SPANA is a fantastic way of treating yourself and your loved ones while raising vital funds for working animals and spreading awareness of...

The best vegan sweets for Christmas

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to come up with an ultimate list of 100 per cent vegan friendly sweets. From gummy sweets to biscuits, we’ve...

gita and her owner

Gita weathers a dangerous storm

When a devastating cyclone struck the Indian state of Odisha, thousands of working animals were left without food or shelter. Read how SPANA helped.

Jelly sweets in a pile

Best Vegetarian Sweets for Christmas

Looking for the best vegetarian chocolate, sweets and biscuits this Christmas? Head to SPANA to find the perfect vegetarian sweet treats for you and your...

kebeh and survival

Education update: Kebeh’s compassion towards animals

Read about how SPANA helped Kebeh to learn a new atittude towards casring for animals and how weeks a later she helped a small abandoned...

moroccan tea set

Spana’s world tea party: Tea and coffee around the world.

Learn more about tea and coffee around the world for our World Tea Party, including where the most avid tea drinkers are.

donkey walking and carrying a large load

Spring raffle fast responder winner announcement

Thanks to everyone who has entered our 2019 Lucky Horseshoe Spring Raffle. Your kindness helps make life better for working animals around the world.

horse getting treatment

Sami’s car collision catastrophe

Read how SPANA helped Sami the horse after she was struck by a car.

a camel again a blue sky

Lucky’s unlucky itch

When Lucky the camel developed an itch, his owner Satee suspected mange. Unsure how to help his camel’s growing discomfort, Satee turned to SPANA for...

donkey looking into the camera

The tail of an injured donkey

When Neela the donkey had a nasty tail sore, her owner was worried about infection and unsure how best to help. Read how SPANA helped...

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