Brown horse with SPANA vet
Brown horse with SPANA vet


sayma spana intern

A day in the life: Sayma

Each month, we meet a different member of the team to learn about their experience working for SPANA. This month, we meet Sayma, an intern...

woman standing with a donkey

A day in the life: Victoria

Veterinary Programme Advisor Victoria is one of the head office vets manages our nine core countries and our many outreach and partnership projects.

Knitted camel in desert next to real camels

Big Knit: Wadh’s tale and our camel knitting pattern

Download our camel knitting pattern to help animals like Wadh, a baby camel who came to our Jordan centre in a poor condition. Read more...


The donkey of destiny

Morocco-based Diwa, a resident at SPANA, has been picking his World Cup predictions.

Two boys smiling with SPANA workbooks

World Animal Day assembly ideas

Read ideas for holding a school assembly on World Animal Day.

Cheese and wine on the table

13 charity fundraising ideas for people who love food

Check out some fun ideas for ways to raise money and indulge your love of food.

Group of camels

13 fun facts about camels

Find out some interesting facts about camels from SPANA.

Mules walking on mountain

What is a mule? 13 things you didn’t know

Learn about the difference between a donkey and a mule and whether mules can reproduce.

Tug of war challenge

10 charity fundraising ideas for work

Discover how to get your whole office in on fundraising challenges!

Elephants walking in a line next to river

Elephant facts and FAQs

We answer elephant questions with a range of interesting facts and information.

Brown donkey eating hay in stable

What do donkeys eat?

What do donkeys eat? Discover what the best food is to feed donkeys.

Man stood next to two carriage horses

What are working horses?

Discover what working horses are, why they are so important and how SPANA is helping them.

Donate to SPANA to help the world’s working animals