Brown horse with SPANA vet
Brown horse with SPANA vet


Elephants walking in a line next to river

Elephant facts and FAQs

We answer elephant questions with a range of interesting facts and information.

Brown donkey eating hay in stable

What do donkeys eat?

What do donkeys eat? Discover what the best food is to feed donkeys.

Man stood next to two carriage horses

What are working horses?

Discover what working horses are, why they are so important and how SPANA is helping them.

Horses in Ethiopia drinking water

What do horses eat?

Horses need a very specific diet. Find out what do horses eat and also what food to avoid.

White Morocco horse

El Medina’s hard fall

After a hard fall, working horse El Medina was badly injured and in desperate need of veterinary care.

Donkeys pulling a cart with man

Autumn raffle fast responder winner announcement

Thanks so much to everyone who has entered our 2018 Lucky Horseshoe Autumn Raffle.

Three men treating elephant Ye

Forever Ye’ Aung

When Ye’ Aung the elephant was in trouble, SPANA vets came to the rescue.

Bamako rubbish dump donkeys

Zakaria bears a heavy load

Zakaria works grueling hours on the hot, dangerous rubbish dumps of Bamako. Read how we treated this tired donkey for wounds caused by his harnessing

Man walking with a thin donkey

Vets treat Fanta’s nasty head wound

When Fanta escaped his enclosure and injured his head, SPANA vets were on the scene.

Man with his three donkeys

Treating Tale’s bite wound

Discover how SPANA helps Botswana's working donkeys.

TAPO boys giving water to a working donkey

A child’s dream of becoming a vet

In Tanzania, SPANA is reaching in to more classrooms to spread the word about kindness to all animals.

Mali mobile clinic treating a donkey

Mali mobile clinic receives funding

The Anthony V Martin Charitable Foundation provided fantastic support for our mobile veterinary clinics in Mali.

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