Brown horse with SPANA vet
Brown horse with SPANA vet


Donkey gift wrap, wrapped around box with ribbon

Gifts for Animal Lovers

Browse our range of gifts for animal lovers. As well as a large selection of presents for adults, we have a whole kids range too.

Two donkeys leaning out of their paddock together

How to Look After Donkeys – The Basics

Caring for donkeys is hard work. We have outlined a basic guide for beginners on looking after donkeys.

Man strokes head of an elephant stood in a river with her baby

Elephant Pregnancy Facts

How much do you actually know about elephant pregnancies?

How animal welfare clubs in India are changing children’s attitudes

Suman Das, 15, a student at Samanta Singhar Kelucharan Government High School in India, tells us how humane education has changed his view on animals.

Protecting animals from extreme climates in Mongolia

Read about our emergency project building and repairing wells to help animals suffering a devastating drought known as the 'dzud'.

Ethiopia vet treating horse

COVID-19 update

Please be reassured that during this difficult time, SPANA will keep caring for working animals in some of the world’s poorest communities.

Download our guide to gifts in Wills

Your legacy can help to make the world a more caring place for working animals

A day in the life of an animal welfare educator: Diana

Diana works for SPANA’s local partner charity in Tanzania, the Arusha Society for the Protection of Animals (ASPA),  where she delivers humane welfare classes to...

Vet treatment

A day in the life: Aida

Aida is a vet for the Tanzania Welfare Society (TAWESO) - a SPANA outreach charity in the Mtera region of Tanzania.

The Best Christmas Jokes Of All Time

Celebrate with some of the best Christmas jokes of all time, from funny Santa jokes to elf jokes and other cheesy, silly Christmas puns and...

A selection of eco-friendly products from the SPANA charity shop

Help working animals while you shop

Shopping with us is a fantastic way of treating yourself and your loved ones while raising vital funds for working animals. Browse our range today!

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