Brown horse with blinkers, resting by a cart in Marrakech

Ethical Animal Tourism

The SPANA Holiday Hooves Guide is packed full of advice on how you can choose healthy looking donkeys, horses, mules and camels for activities abroad.

Download our SPANA Holiday Hooves Ethical Animal Tourism guide

Activities like a camel safari, donkey ride or a horse-drawn carriage tour can be a unique way to see a different country on holiday and thousands of us enjoy these excursions every year.

But despite the relentless hard work of animals pulling carriages or carrying tourists and luggage, they can be poorly treated, neglected and beaten. Also many do not receive any veterinary care in the even of illness or injury, which can lead to serious health and welfare issues.

You can make a difference

As a tourist, you are in the unique position to positively influence the way owners treat their animals. By following SPANA’s Holiday Hooves guide, you can choose to support the owners who treat and care for their animals with kindness and respect. In turn, this will encourage others to do the same.

Download a copy of Holiday Hooves, our ethical animal tourism guide or complete our online form to receive your free printed copy, or call 0300 033 4999 and we will get one sent in the post to you.

Have you come across mistreated animals that you need to report? Download this list of tourism board addresses to find out who to contact.