World Animal Day 2018

To mark World Animal Day 2018, SPANA is raising awareness of those animals that often get overlooked – the working horses, donkeys, mules, camels and elephants that help over half a billion people around the world. Our research shows that 40 per cent of UK adults don’t know what a working animal is, so please join us in helping to raise awareness this World Animal Day.

Working animals around the world

There are thought to be more than 200 million working animals around the world. Take a look at our interactive map of working animals and discover the important role these animals play in countries across the globe by clicking on the icon below.

The mules of Morocco

Morocco has the fifth largest population of mules in the world – 385,000. Take an in-depth look at one of these hardworking mules, Hamida, and his owner Hassan, as they give you a glimpse into life in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

How can I help?

A SPANA vet with brown horse

This World Animal Day you can help us reach even more working animals that need our care by donating, fundraising for us, or simply by raising awareness of our work.

Find out more about ways you can get involved with SPANA’s work.