Thanks so much to everyone who has entered our 2018 Lucky Horseshoe Autumn Raffle. Your kindness helps make life better for working animals around the world.

The Fast Reply Bonus draw took place on the 21 August and below is the list of winners who have each won a £10 M&S voucher. On behalf of everyone at SPANA, many congratulations and we do hope you enjoy spending it!

Fast responder winners

Miss M Fletcher

Mr C Giddings

Mrs Nancy Smith

Mrs Barbara Ashton

Mrs C Loveless

Mrs Heidi Vernon

Mrs J Murphy

Miss S Spencer

Mrs L Hudson

Mr T Wimpenny

Miss P Wilkinson

Mrs Maureen Butcher

Mrs M Everton

Mrs Margaret Jackson

Mrs B Blake

Mr Henry Pyne

Mrs Gillian Milne

Mrs Roseanna Nielsen

Mr A Gladwell

Mrs J Lashbrook

Ms W Bennett

Ms Michelle Smyth

Mrs Christine Marsh

Mrs P Hull

Mrs Dorothy Hattrick

Mrs Angela Smith

Mrs Jill Crisp

Mr Jim Harper

Mrs G Cubitt

Ms Helene Pastor

Mrs Gillian Sillar

Mr Paul Sutton

Mrs Eleanor Stourton

Mr Russell Lightfoot

Mr Jim Anderson

Mrs Elizabeth Kahn

Mrs Kathryn McCartney

Mrs B Morris

Mrs Muriel Baldwin

Mrs I Watson

Mrs Betty Evans

Miss G Robbie

Miss J Beckett

Mrs May Prior

Mrs J Taylor

Mrs Jean Robinson

Ms Gladys Barrett

Mrs Sheila Gray

Mr Francis Higgins

Mr David Bassom

Mrs Jill Parry

Mrs H Emery

Mr Derek Locking

Mrs Wendy Deller

Mr John Davis

Mrs Daphne Walker

Mr G Lowley

Mr P Johnson

Mrs Margaret Whittaker

Mrs Julia Kitchen

Mrs Angela Gallard

Mrs Rosemary Hines

Ms Pauline Hird

Mr Brian Daykin

Mrs Patricia Craxton

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One comment on “Autumn Raffle fast responder winner announcement

  1. Rachel May on

    It’s really lovely that you are running a raffle for fast responders. No one donates and helps to get anything in return, but this such a nice thing to surprise supporters with.


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