SPANA vet technician feeding donkey undergoing treatment

Heavily pregnant donkey Gemima was brought to Chemaia, Morocco by her owner Abdelmajid El Khadi in the back of a pickup truck.

Tired, listless and unable to walk, it was only when the SPANA vets examined her that they realised that the large foal she was carrying could not be delivered naturally. Unfortunately, Gemima’s foal had died in the womb and had to be removed quickly to save the mother’s life. The team decided an immediate caesarean was the best course of action and administered sedation and local anaesthetic to perform the procedure.

Her owner sat by her side throughout the procedure and allowed Gemima to recuperate in the hospital. Within a month Gemima was back to full strength and ready to go home to rest for a further two months.chirurgie-6

Abdelmajid promised to bring her back for our team to check her before she continued her work. He expressed his gratitude for SPANA’s life saving measures saying: “God bless staff SPANA in providing longer lives.”

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