Lufti the brown horse with his owner Hamad in Jordan

The SPANA Jordan team were on hand to help a four-year old horse experiencing breathing difficulties during a recent mobile clinic visit in Wadi Shuaib. The owner Hamad Hassen Sliman was anxious, as his horse had been wheezing and had some clear fluid coming from his nostrils.

Hamad is a farmer with a goat herd who makes a living by selling milk. Lufti supports Hamad and his family by working on the farm and transporting the produce to the local market.

SPANA vets gave Lufti a full examination, took his temperature and listened to his lungs and windpipe. The team asked the owner about Lufti’s feed and he confirmed that he uses a nosebag to feed his horse and that recently Lufti had been breathing more heavily while eating.

The team diagnosed that Lufti was suffering from a dust allergy and highlighted that the nosebag was making the problem worse. Nosebags are sealed sacks of feed covering an animal’s mouth and nose that are commonly used by owners here to ensure that the animal will Lufti the brown horse and his owner Hamad in Wadi Shuaib, Jordanget its whole ration of food. Inhaling the dusty feed can be problematic for animals like Lufti however, as it can set off an allergic reaction in the lower airways, similar to asthma.

The SPANA team gave Lufti an anti-inflammatory injection to settle the reaction in his lungs. They offered Hamad plenty of advice, as careful management of Lufti’s condition and close monitoring of his breathing will be very important in the future. They instructed Hamad never to use a nosebag to feed his horse and to keep Lufti in a well-ventilated area.

They also advised him to dampen down Lufti’s feed with water to ensure that any dust has settled. The vets asked Hamad to bring Lufti to the SPANA centre straight away if further problems occur.

Hamad said:

Lufti is so important to our family and we will take very good care of him as we never want him to suffer. We rely on SPANA to help our animals and I am very thankful to them. They have never let us down.

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