Brown horse laying in field

After struggling to get his eight-year-old horse Saber to eat, worried owner Kelifi Amara brought his animal to the SPANA Centre in Boussalem, Tunisia.

Kelifi feeds his animal coarse straw and the horse had become dehydrated working in the extremely hot dry conditions of the Tunisian summer. Straight away our vets suspected an impaction, a simple blockage of his large intestine with food.

They decided to hospitalise Saber to ensure he made a full recovery. His teeth were checked for abnormalities and he was given regular doses of fluids and electrolytes via a stomach tube in order to break down the impacted food. Within three days he had his appetite back and was on the road to recovery!

Kelifi was given strict advice on nutrition and management of his horse to ensure the same problem did not happen again. He was extremely thankful for the care the SPANA team had given him and promised to take the best care of his horse that he could.

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