Genaro the horse

Mobile clinics are a key part of SPANA’s work. They enable us to reach animals in remote communities, rural villages, and isolated desert or mountain regions. This is especially the case in outreach countries like Nicaragua.

These clinics mean that we can provide care to animals that would potentially never see a vet otherwise. Animals like seven-year-old Genaro here, who works for eight hours every day carrying construction materials with her owner José in the Managua area of Nicaragua.

Genaro the horse

José brought Genaro along to SPANA vets after she developed habronemiasis, also known as summer sores, below her eye. She was also experiencing severe breathing difficulties as a result of equine influenza.

In order to properly treat the summer sores, SPANA vets had to medicate against the parasites causing the issue, and provide supportive treatment and care whilst she recovered from the influenza. Vets also advised José to rest his horse for a month as her treatment continued, so that she could return to full strength.

José works with Genaro to provide the only income that he, his wife, and their five children rely on, and was incredibly pleased that SPANA were able to help Genaro.

 ‘Without SPANA we would not have the money to pay for vets or medicines, and my poor horse would stay sick. Thank you for your help.”

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