Mohamed with his new horse, Ayoub in Sbeitla, Tunisia.

Ayoub the horse was discovered at a market in rural Tunisia, suffering from malnutrition and painful sores. Read about how one man’s kindness saved Ayoub from unnecessary suffering.

a SPANA vet inspects Ayoub's mouth as his owner Mohamed looks on

When Mohamed saw Ayoub in a dusty horse market in Sbeitla, Tunisia, it was clear to him that the animal had been terribly neglected. The 18-year-old carthorse had spent his life pulling heavy loads for up to ten hours a day in and out of the bustling town.


Mohamed knew that with the right care and attention from him, his wife, and five children, Ayoub could be restored to full health and have a happier life.

The SPANA vet treats Ayoub's wound on his rear hip

Mohamed purchased Ayoub for a small sum and immediately brought him to the SPANA Tunisia mobile clinic to be examined by the vet team. Ayoub’s thin body was covered in sores and wounds, caused by the constant rubbing of an inappropriate harness.

Iodine used to treat Ayoub

SPANA vets gently cleaned the open sores with dilute iodine and dressed the wounds, helping to relieve his pain. The team also gave Mohamed expert advice on how to provide Ayoub with better nutrition to ensure that he gained weight and had a healthier diet.

Mohamed, who always brings his horses to see the SPANA team, said: “Ask everyone, they will tell you that SPANA is here whenever we need them.”

Mohamed tells his story to SPANA


Without Mohamed’s intervention, Ayoub would have lived a life of pain and suffering. But, thanks to his actions and the SPANA team’s expert care, Ayoub can now look forward to a much brighter future.

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