SPANA vet with neck wound under tree on beach

As well as our three veterinary centres, our team in Tunisia operates three mobile clinics to help treat working animals in rural areas. One of the animals recently helped by these clinics is Karim, a young dromedary camel who was bitten on his neck by another camel.

dscn0030After developing a painful-looking wound following the bite, his worried owner Ahmed Ben Ahmed brought eight month old Karim to the mobile clinic in Noueil to ask SPANA vets for their help. Karim is too young to work yet, but when he gets older, he will help Ahmed earn a living by working as an essential form of transport, carrying both goods and people.

Our vets examined Karim and found that the wound on his neck was very inflamed and infected and he had developed a painful abscess.

The team got to work straight away treating the young camel by draining the abscess and applying a local disinfectant to the wound. dscn0091They advised Ahmed that he should keep cleaning the wound and using the disinfectant until his neck had healed, which would take around a month.

Ahmed, who supports his wife and six children, was very thankful to SPANA. He said:

“When the SPANA clinic came I was very relieved. We put our trust in them and they are always here to help us.”

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