SPANA vet technician feeding grey donkey hay

Maggie a six year-old donkey was brought into SPANA’s centreresized in Chemaia, Morocco, suffering with a bad case of colic (abdominal pain). Her owner 46 year-old El Yousfi Abderahim grew worried once he realised that Maggie wasn’t her usual, healthy self:

Maggie never gets ill. This was the first time I saw her suffer and I could not do much, so I decided to rent a pickup to take her SPANA the next day.

SPANA’s vets examined her and found that she was dehydrated, with a very fast heart rate. So she was hospitalised immediately and rehydrated by giving her fluids via a naso-gastric tube, and painkillers.

One of the main causes of her colic was found to be parasites that were living in her intestines, so SPANA’s team treated the infestation, and after two weeks, she was well enough to go home.

resized-2Maggie is a valuable member of El Yousfi’s family, providing passenger transport and helping with ploughing, harvesting and collecting water from the local well. She helps to support him, his wife, five children and one grandchild that all live with him.

To prevent Maggie getting sick again in the future, SPANA’s vets advised El Yousfi to soak any barley she is fed in water, make sure has regular dental care, and to treat against parasites every three months.

El Yousfi was very pleased with the care Maggie received saying:

I have been hospitalised for appendicitis and I can guarantee you that SPANA takes care of the animals better than humans in a hospital! Thanks to SPANA I can keep my donkey.

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