Caleche horses in Marrakech

We’re delighted to announce that SPANA’s calèche horse programme in Marrakech has been recognised by the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism as winner of the 7th edition trophy for  sustainable tourism in Morocco.

SPANA Morocco Country Director Professor Hassan Alyakine and SPANA Morocco Vet Dr Lamrini accept the award from the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism.

SPANA Morocco Country Director Professor Hassan Alyakine and SPANA Morocco Vet Dr Mohamed Hassan Lamrini accept the award from the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism.

If you are a regular visitor to Marrakech, you will understand just why our work is so important, as the condition of these hardworking animals has improved vastly since the programme began.

These horses pull calèche carriages which transport tourists around the busy city streets of Marrakech, and in the past, they suffered terribly. Often malnourished and dehydrated, they were thin, lame and in constant pain from untreated harness wounds.

Thankfully, this is no longer the case. Working with local authorities, SPANA now oversees a licensing scheme which ensures that all calèche horses must be regularly inspected and passed as fit and healthy before they can work. They are well fed, well cared for and have access to farriery, dentistry and veterinary care.

Band reading 'SPANA' around horses fetlockTourists may also notice that every one of these beautiful animals has a numbered band around their fetlock that reads ‘SPANA’. This means they are micro-chipped and can be properly identified and monitored.

To combat dehydration, SPANA has also built a network of water troughs across the city, making a huge difference to the animals’ lives.

Of course, none of this would be possible without support from people like you, with whom we share this award. You enable us to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of working animals across the world.

On behalf of all of these animals, thank you.


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3 comments on “SPANA’s caleche horse programme wins award from Moroccan Ministry of Tourism

  1. Deborah on

    Many congratulations, SPANA you do a fantastic job. Thanks to the generosity from people around the world and SPANA’s dedicated staff which help improve the lives of these hard working horses and donkeys. Well done indeed ???

  2. Sue Riggs on

    So glad that due to all your great work these beautiful horses are now being cared for in a proper way that they deserve.


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